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Do you ever get frustrated by not having enough space around your garden table?

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Find yourself having to grab spare seats any time a few extra guests arrive at a part? Then an extending garden table may be just what you need!

The Oval Teak Extending Double Leaf Table Set with Lovina Stacking Chairs from Chairs and Tables is ideal for households that love to entertain friends and family out in the garden throughout spring and summer, offering ample space and plenty of seating for even the largest parties.

Made from the best grade A teak wood, the stunning oval table is certainly spacious, with a width of 120cm and an even bigger length of 200cm, providing enough room to comfortable seat six people.

Better still, a double butterfly extension leaf is situated beneath the centre of the table, allowing it to be extended by a further metre for those occasions where you need a bit more space – you can easily sit as many as 12 people when fully extended!

This is why the table comes with a whopping 10 Lovina stacking chairs – perfect for entertaining guests at those larger parties! To make life easier, the chairs are easily stackable for whenever they aren’t in use, allowing them to be easily stored away in a shed or garage.

The table and chairs have been crafted to highest possible standards using sustainably sourced teak to ensure longevity. Teak remains one of the most durable hardwoods in the market, boasting water resistant properties that allow it to be left outside.

You won’t have to worry about water damage, rotting or cracking with this table set, as the wood is simply too strong, containing high amounts of natural oils and rubbers that help it survive against the elements.

Plus, the wood is simply gorgeous to look at. Teak is a naturally beautiful wood, with amazing tones and grains that require no treatments, especially when part of a complete. Everything matches perfectly, and the natural wood works well with most garden décor – the table and chairs will look wonderful when used on decking or patios!

Comfort is important too of course, which is why each Lovina chair comes with a thick cushion. Measuring 60mm, the cushions are available in several colours and include weather-proof covers so they can be left outside.

Whether you plan on dining outside with the family during weekdays or want to throw a fair few parties on summer weekends, the Oval Teak Extending Double Leaf Table Set with Lovina Stacking Chairs is brilliant piece of furniture that will be used for years to come! 

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