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Having Invested in Luxury Teak Garden Furniture, How Should You Take Care of It?

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Solid Teak Garden Furniture that spends it’s entire life outside whatever the elements will survive, due to its composition this rugged dense timber will cope with the rigours of our Winters, but if you want your garden furniture investment to retain its good looks ( and last a lifetime) it is wise to give it a wash and brush up and some TLC once in a while, at the start of the Spring perhaps to ensure that it is ready for the warmer weather.

Much depends upon what the item of furniture is, smaller items may be stored under cover where practicable, in a shed or similar construction, however, larger items including garden benches and the larger table sets may have to stand outside.

Whilst Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is made to withstand inclement weather, any outdoor furnishings will collect dirt and grime, the odd spider will nest therein, and leaves and other detritus will doubtless collect upon exposed surfaces.

Time then to wash the furniture down. But with what?

Warm soapy water, applied with a not too stiff brush will remove the grime, brush with the grain and if required repeated until the teakwood is clean. Avoid using a jet wash or high-pressure hoses and wire wool or scouring pads. Be careful about using lashings of disinfectant as it may stain the timber depending upon the strength, and it will leave a residual smell that is unpleasant. 

Solid teak wood has a lovely feel to it, is beautiful to look at with its rich natural colouring and once washed down and treated with s spot of teak oil it will be set for the season to come.

Teakwood has a naturally waterproof quality with a combination of rubber and silica and natural oil content it is perfect for garden furniture.

Chairs and Tables only use Grade A plantation grown teakwood that is cut at the optimum stage in its growth so that the wood is perfectly smooth and knot free. The teakwood is then kiln dried slowly to reduce the moisture content of the furniture down to below 14% so that the furniture best suits the drier Northern European climate. In the production of Chairs and Tables, Teak Garden Furniture great care is taken to ensure that the woods nature is enhanced by careful construction methods.

Take good care of your selected items of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture and they will do you proud.


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