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​The Excellent Southwold Chairs are Now in Stock

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Customers seeking to purchase exceptional quality Teakwood Garden Furniture need look no further.

Regardless on whether one requires comfortable seating for outdoor use at home or are looking for an investment for business use that will provide a comfortable return on investment Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture is just perfect.

Southwold Chairs are available in two styles, the Southwold Teak Arm Chair and the Southwold Teak Side Chair.

As the name implies the Southwold Teak Arm Chair is an arm chair produced using traditional craftsmanship to produce a very comfortable garden chair in which to while away an hour or two. With an added weatherproof cushion to improve one’s comfort this lovely chair will be even more pleasurable. Using solid teakwood in the making of these chairs they are both hardwearing and elegantly robust in their design. Because the Southwold Teak Arm Chairs are neat and tidy, they will grace any outdoor space about one’s home, any sun-spot will do be-it a patio, balcony, decking area or well-groomed lawn.

The Southwold Teak Side Chair is equally well designed to allow several people to sit in comfort around one of range of Chairs and Tables Dining Tables. 

Using the same construction methods to build long lasting solid teakwood furniture that is smooth to the touch and comfortable upon one’s derriere is outstanding.

The Southwold Chairs are constructed to be suitable for Domestic use and for Commercial use – including those clubs and societies wishing to purchase top quality outdoor furniture because it will last a very long time and produce a grand return on the original investment. In both cases the chairs are delivered assembled for ease, all one is required to do is put them in place and relax.

The proportions are important because Chairs and Tables intend their products to last a lifetime, getting the balance right is so important, all of the chairs and tables in the range are well balanced, dependable, beautifully styled and sanded to a fine blemish free result that is easy on one’s fingers and clothing – perfectly smooth – and has a natural wood lustre with attractive grain.

Every item of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is crafted from sustainable Grade A Teak that is harvested at the optimum stage of growth to avoid blemishes, knot holes and odd shapes. The Team at Chairs and Tables take great care to be as environmentally efficient as possible.

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