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The exquisite Lutyens 6ft teak bench from C&T Teak

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Lutyens 6ft Teak Bench

Summer has finally arrived, meaning its’ time to head outside and soak up the good weather, and what better place is there to enjoy the summer months than right from the comfort of your garden!

For anyone that likes to relax and unwind in the garden during summer, a piece of quality garden furniture makes the experience all the more enjoyable, and there aren’t many nicer pieces of garden furniture than the exquisite Lutyens 6ft teak bench from Chairs and Tables.

This wonderful garden bench is a joy to behold, featuring some of the most incredible woodwork you will likely find in a garden, while the use of high-quality grade A teak wood only improves the piece further.

Boasting a curved top, racked backrest, and rolled armrests, the bench exudes elegance in every way possible. This isn't just a functional bench perfect for sitting in the garden during the summer, but a work of art that will enhance the aesthetics of any outdoor living space, whether you have it sitting on the patio, decking, or overlooking your favourite spot in the garden.

Of course, style is only one important aspect of outdoor furniture, and thankfully the Lutyens bench has all the hallmarks of a top-grade piece of furniture.

Crafted from teak, the bench is sanded to a soft and smooth finish that makes it even more comfortable, and should you throw on some cushions you can expect to lose many hours relaxing here.

Better still, the high-quality teak wood used to manufacture the bench is among the best timbers on the market. Strong and durable, the bench will last many years (if not decades!) without deteriorating – expect it to look as good as the day it arrived well into the future!

Teak is resistant to water, meaning it will not be damage if left exposed to rain, which is a likely occurrence here in Britain! However, you needn’t worry about rain, frost, or even excess sun damage the bench, as teak is simply so tough to damage!

While its certainly possible to paint or stain the bench after it arrives, we recommend leaving it just the way it is. Not only does teak have a beautiful natural grain, when left to age it develops an even more attractive grey patina hue that looks amazing in any garden setup.

Measuring in a 6ft, the bench will have enough room to sit several people comfortably, and many people will also be able to outstretch on the bench as well – perfect for a spot of impromptu sunbathing. Plus, there’s no need to worry about sagging wood due to excess weight, as teak is simply too strong!

The Lutyens Deluxe Teak Bench is a simply stunning piece of garden furniture that will we the pride of your garden. As a bench that wouldn’t look out of place in a stately home or stunning park, there’s simply no denying that this beautiful bench will make sitting outside in the summer even better!

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