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​The Lutyens Teak Garden Armchair is a charming piece of garden furniture that make a fine addition to your garden this summer.

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With spring in the air and summer not far off, we can all expect to enjoy more time outside in the (hopefully) nicer weather!

And what better way is there to sit outdoors than with this beautifully crafted armchair? Inspired by the work of the legendary British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, the chair is the embodies elegance having been crafted with the upmost care and attention to detail.

The result is a stunning piece of garden furniture that boasts a racked backrest and rolled arms, helping to create a visually striking chair that will only enhance the natural beauty of your garden space.

Such a beautiful armchair makes sitting outdoors that bit more pleasant no matter where you place it. As a relatively compact chair, it will fit into virtually any area of your garden, be it on the patio, decking, or placed beneath a tree.

Made from Grade-A teakwood, this is a chair that oozes luxury. Teak is one of the most naturally attractive woods available today, with the gorgeous colour of the wood producing a delightful finish that doesn’t require any paint or varnish.

It’s also been sanded to produce a wonderfully soft touch for the wood, making the chair that bit more comfortable to sit on. There’s even a matching cushion that can also purchase to get even more comfort from the chair, although it is still comfortable enough without.

Teak is also a highly durable material, so you expect this chair to survive for many years. Resistant to most extreme weather, teak can withstand whatever the British weather can throw at it and still look as good as the day it arrived.

For anyone that seeks an attractive piece of furniture for their garden, the wonderful Lutyens Teak Garden Armchair is a must-have. 

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