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Creating an Oasis with the Lutyens Teak Garden Arm Chair Deluxe

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Creating a luxurious Garden Oasis isn't always about having a full family lounge set placed around the stone earth for everyone to come and enjoy the evening. The tranquillity of a few is far more than enough to enjoy a comfortable and peaceful evening. The Deluxe Lutyens Teak Garden Arm Chair is the type and design of chair for those moments.

The ornate beauty and style of the high raked backs, rolled arms and the full flat front pieces allow the piece to present its "historical" element image. Its true essence not only reflects the historical era with the bold and tiered backs, it's also reflective of the larger and taller featured users with a total arm height of 750mm. The 60x60mm leg thickness supports the overall weight distribution that would be indicative of the high quality sustainable sourced teak.

The Garden Arm Chair provides a comfortable seat base to stretch out and relax while enjoying an evening cocktail with measurements consisting of a seat width and depth of 640mm/490. There are no stiff or tight and confining areas where one can not simply sit back and breathe in the cool evening air. Each chair comes with its own thick dark green chair cushion that can provide hours of comfort as you sit and relax among a few good friends.

The Deluxe Lutyens Teak Garden Arm Chair is designed with the large chunky features but with a softer gentler contour for the ultimate in body comfort. While it is depicted as a wonderful addition to a garden oasis, it is a versitile piece that can be used both indoors and outdoors for a variety of purposes.

The true joy of the Deluxe Lutyens Teak Garden Arm Chair comes in finding the comfort in where ever you choose to use it. Change up its location from season to season and make the most of it, from the garden oasis to the the patio sunrise. There is a room and a place for it every time of the year.

That is the true beauty of the durable and luxurious teak furniture.