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Round Extending Table Garden Sets

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Built with exceptional quality sustainable grade 'A' Teak, Round Extending Table Garden Furniture Sets are the best fit for both your indoor and outdoor use. The sets have a beautiful smooth finish and Mortise and Tenon joinery. With an exquisite teak colouring, the round extending table garden furniture set can be used on your balcony, pool terrace as well as in your garden. The set comes with cushions in different colours which allow you to match colours in your indoor sitting and dining room setting.

The Round Extending Table Garden Furniture Sets are versatile. With the thick 40 mm table top and 7cm legs, it has a sturdy base appropriate for playing pinochle or hosting a full seven-course meal. To fit in your location's theme, the set comes with four different styles of chairs which you can choose from. At the same time, you can buy another set of chairs separately to vary your theme setting for different rooms and seasons.

For those who like afternoon tea or an evening game of cards, the table can hold four people comfortably seated. The 120cm diameter table can be extended to 180cm to with a 60cm leaf and a centre hole for a parasol. Therefore the new configuration has an increase surface area and can hold six, perfect for a midday outdoor meal with your family with the umbrella shielding you from the sun's glare.

The Round Extending Table Garden Furniture Sets are an economical choice. You are allowed to buy separately any peace of the set; though purchasing the complete set saves you at least 10% on the cost. It is an easy but stylish way of decorating your garden, pool, or veranda, and can also be used as a sitting room card table. Therefore buy the set at

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