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For anyone that is looking for a unique piece of garden furniture to enhance an outdoor space, look no further than this Round Backless Deluxe Tree Bench

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For the most part, garden benches are all based on a standard design, making the this round backless option stand out above most other benches.

Perhaps the most notable aspect is its shape. The circular design is certainly different from your traditional garden bench, allowing it to be placed around a tree to create a wonderful visual while also offering a new spot to sit.

The backless design ensures that the tree remains the focal point, resulting in a wonderful visual that will certainly catch the eye

Imagine the delight of sitting beneath your favourite tree on a warm summers day while delving into a new book or simply lazing about listening to the sounds of the birds signing and smelling the wonderful scents of your garden – it’s a simple pleasure but one you can expect to enjoy with this gorgeous teak round tree bench.

Plus, a bench such as this will only increase the beauty of your garden. Let’s face it, not many people with trees in their garden think to surround it with a charming bench!

The bench is also very spacious so it can easily sit several people at any given time, with the inner diameter measuring 150cm, offering enough space to comfortable fit around even larger-sized trees. It can also be a great way to maximise smaller garden areas, as the bench compactly fits around a tree, allowing the chance for a nice seating area in tighter spaces.

Better still, this a garden bench that will last for some time. Using the highest quality Grade A teak, the Round Backless Deluxe Tree Bench is strong and durable enough to survive even the more extreme weather conditions, ensuring the bench doesn’t get damaged from exposure to water or UV rays.

The bench also looks naturally attractive without any treatment. You won’t need to stain or paint the bench, as the natural grains and finish of the wood is simply beautiful to behold, especially when combined with a tree!

Assembly is simple, with the bench arriving in four sections that simple need bolted together around the desired tree. You won’t need to varnish or add any paint, and cleaning it with the occasional cloth should be enough to keep it looking fresh.

If you want to add a piece of furniture to your garden that is truly unique, then this backless tree bench is well worth checking out.

Round Teak Tree Deluxe Bench

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