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Round Teak Tree Deluxe Bench

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Are you looking for a unique and sophisticated lawn centrepiece that is simply ‘your style’? The Teak Round Tree Bench Deluxe not only makes any lawn look fabulous, but it also makes a great conversation piece for your favourite outdoor space. Looking to add your own special touch of personality and uniqueness? You can even take further steps to integrate this bench into your own outdoor unique design by adding greenery, perennials or any other eye-catching foliage. No green thumb? No worries, just form a stylish base surrounded by stepping stones or create an area with your choice of outdoor décor.

Teak is renowned for its natural properties, which make it one of the most durable and weatherproof wood materials that there is. The natural oils that are found in teak also make this type of timber naturally pest and termite resistant. The Teak Round Tree Bench Deluxe is both strong and durable, made to withstand the tests of heavy use and age. Aside from teak’s great qualities of durability and strength, it is also easy to clean and requires very little maintenance. These properties are what makes teak such a desirable material for furniture and ensure that it will continually hold its value.

The Teak Round Tree Bench Deluxe is made from sustainably sourced teak, which is environmentally conscious and promotes the conservation of rare old-growth teak. It was once believed that the wood from older teak trees contained more durable properties than that from new growth, which lead to great harvesting of old-growth teak. However, studies have since found that new-growth teak contains the same amount of durability as old-growth. Due to the high demand for teak and the consumption of old-growth teak, measures are now being taken to preserve the world’s natural teak resources by using commercially harvested teak that is propagated on teak plantations – a sustainable source.

Don’t just go for the first teak furniture product that you can find. Make sure that your teak products are a perfect fit for your personality and style. The Teak Round Tree Bench Deluxe is not only a great asset to any outdoor décor, but it is also sturdy, pest resistant and durable. Made from sustainably sourced teak, this teak bench is environmentally friendly and promotes the continued manufacture and use of teak that will not deplete the world’s teak resources. Don’t settle for a less-than-quality teak furniture product when you can have the best.