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Teak Garden Furniture - What Your Garden Deserves

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With spring fast approaching, the cold dark days of winter are almost behind us, and for most of us, this is great news. The longer days, more sunshine to enjoy and seeing the plants and trees come back to life are just a few of the great pleasures from the changes in the season.

What better way to appreciate the change in weather than being able to sit back and relax in the garden. Maybe you’ve got green fingers and want to have your garden looking spectacular for you to enjoy. Perhaps you are preparing for the summer and want to have the place looking in tip top shape for barbecues and parties. Or maybe you just want somewhere nice and quiet for the children to play in while you can relax.

Your garden should look and feel as great as you want it to be, and there definitely a way to achieve both a stylish look as well as a practical purchase – high quality teak garden furniture. Now many might wonder why it is worth investing the money in something that is seemingly expensive. One word is very important when we consider the positives of teak garden furniture, and that is quality.

Teak is type of wood found in South East Asia, it very popular for a number of reasons and get prove to be more costly than other wood types on the market. Mainly its popularity comes from the oils present in the woods that make it ideal for home use – it is much more resilient to water damage as well as burrowing insects.

These characteristics have made it the more costly option, but when you see just how many positives there are from making the investment, you will begin to see that it is one very much worth making. Let’s take a look at some of the many traits that make buying teak garden furniture a worthwhile purchase.

When out in the garden, you want your furniture to not only look great, but to be able to survive those harsh realities of the British climate. Durability is the first thing worth mentioning, because when we invest a good amount of money in something we expect the standard to be high, which is very much the case for teak. Being very strong, teak can take much treatment and hold large amounts of weight, making it ideal for chairs and tables.

Knowing that it will last long is a great asset, but of course, you will want to know that you can do your part in ensuring as much longevity out of your teak furniture as possible. Teak is easy to maintain and clean, with a recent finish all it may require is a simple clean with a cloth. Even if it has been stained, a simple mixture of soap and warm water will be more than enough to tackle any mess!

Not having to spend an age packing away the teak furniture every time the weather turns is a massive relief to many, because let’s face it, we would be spending a lot of time moving it in and out to protect it from the elements. We touched on how the oils present make it waterproof, include the likes of snow and sleet in there too, and its natural strength and durability means it will be sturdy in even stormy weather.