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​Teak Planters

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Our teak planters are the perfect choice for home-owners who want a neat and organised garden that can be rearranged as the need comes up. Each example is a simple but well-made wooden box, which has been put together using time-tested techniques for increased structural strength. At the same time, its base is seated on slats for drainage purposes, while its surfaces have been sanded to a smooth finish for increased appeal to the senses.

Of course, it is important to mention the material's contribution to these planters' overall usefulness. Since these wooden containers will be exposed to water on a constant basis, teak's natural resistance to moisture will serve them well where other woods would rot and warp. Likewise, teak is coated in natural oils that repel pests, which makes it that much easier to protect the plants entrusted to these wooden containers. Combined with the material's famous strength and toughness, these characteristics ensure that our teak planters can be expected to serve their owners well under both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Finally, our teak comes from sustainable sources. In practice, this means that the material was harvested from trees in plantations rather than trees in old-growth forests, which cannot be replaced in a reasonable time frame once cut down. As a result, our customers can benefit from our products made using this beautiful tropical hardwood without having to be concerned about dwindling supplies running out in the foreseeable future. Simply put, sustainable teak is the personally-pleasing as well as the environmentally-conscious choice for smart consumers.