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​The Teak Ice Bucket

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To have a complete party, Champagnes, wines, or even beers are a must. These beverages make the party unforgettable and blissful. Drinks are enjoyable to have if they are cold or chilled However; it is not possible to place your refrigerator at your patio or on top of a table if you have an indoor party. This is why you need to use the teak ice bucket.

Uses of the Teak Ice Bucket

The teak ice bucket preserves your favourite drinks by keeping them cold until you need them. This bucket is suitable for chilling beer, champagnes, and wines or any other drink. It comes in a great shape and style that makes it apt to have in your garden and indoor parties. It is easy to use and is very appealing to the eye. You don not need a manual to use it. It prevents your table from being wet or dilapidated since it well crafted.

It is decorated with stainless steel banding and handles. It has an outer polished covering and an inner black coated finish. No wetness can be seen on the exterior of this bucket, this is a major plus. Its handles make it easy carry it from one place to the other. The handles aid you from getting into contact with the colder parts of the bucket.


The carved multi-purpose teak ice bucket will make you reconnect family and friends when you give it to them as a gift. This bucket has a height of 20cm, an internal diameter of 20cm and a total width of 24cm.

Asking price

The teak ice bucket is very affordable and readily available upon on your request. It is also very durable because it is completed from A-Grade Teak, and it was cautiously crafted by skilled hands to withstand this type of storage and any background. It is a sound investment for your money because of its top class quality.

If you want beauty, style and quality, then this teak ice bucket will exceed your expectations. Purchase several to give them to your friends and family as a gift.