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​There are few pleasures better in life than sitting around outdoors on a nice day with friends and family

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With spring in full swing and summer not far off, there are more opportunity to sit outdoors and soak up the good weather and great company.

To take advantage of the improved weather, you will want to grab a set of garden furniture, and the Oval Teak Extending Double Leaf Table Set with Lovina Stacking Chairs from Chairs and Tables is the perfect product for anyone regularly hosting large gatherings throughout spring and summer.

This beautifully crafted table is big enough to host even the largest of garden parties, with measuring an impressive 3 metres in length and 120cm in width, offering ample room for many people that are eating and drinking.

Should the standard table size not offer enough space, the Oval table comes with a double butterfly extension leaf feature that adds a further metre of length onto the table, allowing you to sit a total of ten guests.

Doing so will allow you to utilise each of the ten Lovina stacking chairs that are included with the set, all of which include a 60mm cushion that will ensure your guests are sitting in the upmost comfort whenever gathering round the table.

In fact, there is enough space around the table when fully extended to sit as many as twelve people! This is a very impressive size and will certainly be useful for people that find regularly invite large groups around for dinner or a few drinks.

This is great because it will allow you to show of your incredible table to plenty of guests, and you can be certain it will be one of the talking points of the party!

Garden furniture also needs to be built to last, especially with the wilder weather we often see here in the UK, and thankfully this set is meticulously crafted to the highest standard and using the best teak wood on the market.

Teak is a naturally strong hardwood that is also water resistant, meaning long-term exposure to rainfall will no decay the wood in any way, so the Oval Teak Extending Double Leaf Table Set with Lovina Stacking Chairs will last through many summers and well into the future.