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Using the Folding Teak Picnic Table for Intimate Gatherings

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How Picnic Tables Can Be Put to Good Use in Outdoor Spaces

Having sufficient table-space is one of the most common problems in hosting outdoor gatherings. You could purchase a table big enough to accommodate all of your guests, but such furniture tend to be both bigger and more cumbersome than they are worth. Instead, you should buy something like our picnic tables, which can be used either on their own or as supplements for the rest of your furniture.

Of course, there is much to recommend them. For example, our picnic tables are extremely practical, being more than strong enough and sturdy enough to withstand outdoor use. However, they are also surprisingly stylish, not least because of the surfaces that have been sanded to produce a pleasing shine. The best part is that they can be folded up, which lets them be stored with maximum convenience when not in use.

Round vs. Square

If our picnic tables sound like something that you might be interested in, you should know that they come in either a round shape or a square shape. Although both options are the perfect size for hosting intimate gatherings, their exact shape can exert significant influence over how said events turn out.

For example, a round table is the most casual option because it puts no restrictions on how its users can sit, thus making it even easier for them to get along. In contrast, a square table seats four users in a face-to-face manner, making it well-suited to cards and other tabletop games. By choosing the right shape, you can make sure that your gatherings will meet with 100 percent success.

Why Do We Use Teak?

Finally, it is important to mention that we use sustainable teak, which comes from government-regulated plantations in Indonesia. Teak is the perfect hardwood for outdoor furniture, both because of its beautiful look and because of its water resistance. After all, teak is a tropical hardwood, meaning that it is used to levels of moisture that would rot lesser woods.

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