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Why You Should Want a Classic Teak Steamer Chair?

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What is the Classic Teak Steamer Chair?

Like its name suggests, the Classic Teak Steamer Chair is a simple but well-made steamer chair intended to assist in the user's rest and relaxation in all sorts of outdoor environments. It comes with a full-length hassock that provides plentiful cushioning, while its structure is made using plantation teakwood sanded to a smooth finish and held together using solid brass fittings for incredible strength.

Why is Its Design Excellent?

The Classic Teak Steamer Chair's clever design means that it can be rearranged into one of four reclining positions, meaning that the user can choose whichever one suits them the most rather than settle for the default. Furthermore, that same design lets it be folded up for ease of storage, which also lets it be shipped to the user in a fully-assembled state for immediate use. Best of all, the Classic Teak Steamer Chair's simple and unpretentious appearance will not clash with its surroundings but instead complement them in a harmonious manner, meaning that it is a perfect fit for lawns, patios, and even poolsides.

Why is Its Choice of Material Excellent?

Since the Classic Teak Steamer Chair is meant for outdoor use, it should come as no surprise to learn that its materials are all resistant to the elements. For example, the covers on its hassock are weather-proof, which lets it stand up to the rain as well as other sources of moisture. Likewise, brass is famous for its corrosion resistance while teakwood is a tropical hardwood with natural water resistance, so much so that it even sees use in boat-building.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the teakwood used to build the Classic Teak Steamer Chair comes from plantations rather than old-growth forests, meaning that it is sustainably-sourced. As a result, its user can rest and relax in comfort without being concerned that they are having a negative impact on the environment.

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