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​Teak arm chairs and garden seats

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Teak is a gloriously lustrous wood that is colourful, carries a lovely patina and is extremely hard wearing, but beware of frauds. Sadly,many items of furniture that look like teak are nothing of the sort, and many others are photographic cons.

How can you tell that the product is teak? Firstly, Chairs and Tables only supply solid Grade 'A' Kiln Dried teak that has been well sanded so that the surface is smooth to the touch and comfortable to use. Unlike poor imitations our furniture will not crumble in the rain, it will resist the summer weather and still be in fine condition. Winter weather? That too but it is wiser to cover it or place in somewhere dry for the duration.

One of the true pleasures of life is to sit and watch the bees searching out nectar, whiles soaking up some fine summer sunshine (not too much of course!). A garden chair or bench is a place of rest, part of the outdoor room where you can gaze upon your handiwork, or better someone else's, somewhere to pause from life's woes and pressures.

What better place to take respite than a comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable seat, in which you may take the weight off your feet and have a nap whilst cutting the grass .... ?