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Children's Lutyens Garden Teak Table

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The Lutyen Garden Teak table is the perfect solution to extend the backyard to a children's eating area, where they can eat and enjoy time with friends and family during the warmer months. Made out of dried, grade A teak wood, this table is made out of materials that are sustainable and responsibly sourced. Grade A teak is not only a smooth wood that does not easily splinter when properly taken cared of, but it has unique perforations that make for a one of a kind table. This teak table, like all of our teak furniture and accessories, will remain beautiful and solid for many years to come.

All woods have unique oils that protect it from outside elements. Teak, however, contains this protective quality even after it has been processed and structured for furniture use. Because of this unique quality, teak products require very little maintenance, as the wood is highly resistant to the elements and pathogens. This Lutyen Garden Teak table has been kiln dried, where the wood is carefully controlled and monitored during the drying process. This solidifies the natural rubbers and oils in the wood. Teak that is kiln dried naturally has water proof capabilities.

The unique shape of the Lutyen Garden table makes it a perfect accent piece in any area in your home. It may be suitable as a childnre's decor piece, but it is very functional for a myriad of tasks. This small table can be a coffee table, a means to place potted plants, or as a garden table.