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For anyone looking for a new set of garden furniture to be used for the upcoming summer, this beautiful Turnworth Ring Table and Chairs set is certainly worth checking out

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Featuring an attractive circular design, an impressive eight chairs, and using the highest quality teak, this is a garden furniture set that will be worth every penny.

The first thing you will notice about the Turnworth Ring Table is its elegant design consisting of several ring tops. It is a very attractive style that adds sophistication to the table set, and you can be certain this style of table looks fantastic in any outdoor space.

Not only that, but the ring design also has a very important purpose, having been manufactured to ensure that rainfall will run off the surface of the table rather than sitting and soaking on the table top.

Better still, it features a ‘Lazy Susan’ function, with the centre rings able to rotate 360-degrees, making it easier to passing items along the table – perfect for condiments, drinks, or dishes guests may want to grab.

Also, should the sun be beating down on the table you can easily add a parasol into the centre hole, which can be covered with a brass alloy cap, allowing you to soak in the warmth without the sun bearing down on you.

The use of teak wood ensures that the table and chairs will last even the harshest weather. Teak is highly water resistant and can withstand excessive sun exposure, so no matter the weather conditions the table and chairs are built to last many, many years!

The addition of eight banana arm chair means you can entertain large parties for your next special occasion, and with the table being 6ft you can certain that there is enough room to host a fair few people – perfect for showing off your amazing new table set!

Both the chairs and table has been sanded down to produce a wonderfully soft finish. It makes the chairs provide the upmost comfort when resting your arms, while each chair also comes with a cushion to ensure your guests are relaxed and comfortable.

As you can tell, the Turnworth 180cm Ring Table with 8 Banana Arm Chairs is an ideal set of garden furniture for those that love to dine outdoors.

Whether you are enjoying a barbeque with the family or have invited friends round for a spot of fine dining, there is no better place to sit and unwind than this Turnworth table set.