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This delightful table and chair set is a fantastic piece that stands out above your standard garden furniture

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The Turnworth Teak Ring Table Set with Southwold Arm Chairs is a charming set of garden furniture that will make sitting out in the garden this summer even better!

One of our favourite sets here at Chairs and Tables, it provides the perfect balance of style and function – we’re sure it will become the pride and joy of your outdoor space!

Whether you aim to entertain guests during the evening or simply want a new table to relax with your family, this delightful table and chair set is a fantastic piece that stands out above your standard garden furniture.

Teak is a wonderful hardwood that doesn’t just look fantastic, but has the perfect properties for outdoor furniture. For example, teak has naturally high levels of oil and rubber that make it incredibly durable and weather resistant, meaning the table and chairs can be left outdoors in the rain without issue.

Additionally, wood burrowing insects and other pest won’t be able to cause any damage to the table or chairs, meaning you can expect the set to last a very long time – with the right care you can easily get more than ten years from this set!

Most other materials will last nowhere near this amount of time, so you won’t have to replace anything after a few years like the majority of other wooden garden furniture. In fact, we would estimate that you probably save more in the long-term!

The table itself oozes elegance. A gorgeous round ring design has been meticulously crafted by our skilled carpenters, offering a stylish design that really catches the eye by adding a wow-factor to the furniture.

It’s also sanded to perfection to provide that perfect touch, while oils in the teak prevent any lasting stains from soaking into the surface of the table. Sturdy legs help to ensure the table is stable at all times, while a hole at the centre of the table allows for a parasol to be used if desired.

Four Southwold chairs are included with the table. The slatted back and bases are made that bit more comfortable with the inclusion of weather-proof cushions, and the same soft sanded finish really completes what is a fine set of chairs.

All in all, the Turnworth 120cm Round Ring Teak Table Set with Southwold Arm Chairs is a fine set of garden furniture that will make those long summer days in the garden even better.

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