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Life is always better when you spend it with a companion.

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That's why a double dose of the Teak Banana Companion Seat with Cushions is the perfect gift for you and your dearest loved one. 

At 170 cm wide and 84 cm high these chairs can easily fit into your gorgeous garden area without looking unnatural or crammed. You can create a magical space where you and your dear can watch the sun set and rise over your ever blossoming flower arrangement. The chairs come with a green or blue weatherproof cushion that provides you with enough comfort to sit down and relax for hours.

The perfect size and comfortable cushion aren't the most astounding features, however. The teak is what makes these chairs undeniable and irresistible garden chairs. Crafted from sustainable sourced teak, this product will not only look good but also it will withstand the test of time. Teak is a water resistant material that a majority of boats manufacturers use. They know the full strength of the material. Teak is also easy to clean so your garden chairs won't need much maintenance.

Finally, the material naturally carries an elegant appeal. You'll get stares from the neighbours while you are sitting in the chairs and while you are out of the chairs

Grab these amazingly attractive chairs while you still can. They are versatile enough to accent your yard no matter what time of the year you have them out there. You can never go wrong with them. Other items that you can grab to create a teaktastic garden is the 4ft Deluxe Teak Bench and the Turnworth 6ft Teak Ring Table. Have a go at one of these gorgeous products.