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​Selecting a Bench That is Rather Special,

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Choosing a bench rather depends on the intended use,

whether it is meant to offer a rest place amongst a pleasant garden landscape, overlook a tranquil garden pond, or act as a memorial to a loved one, it is fitting that one should look for its outstanding qualities.

Quality will out, the old phrase was never more true. For one’s own use why shouldn’t you have a beautifully stylish bench that is both handsome and comfortable? A memorial bench for a loved one or respected friend or colleague should be commensurate with your remembrance of them. If an organisation is remembering a valued person it would be churlish to do so with substandard goods, would it not?

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture have in their superb online catalogue the Banana Teak Bench Deluxe, at 62 inches or 160cm wide this is a two-seater bench with room enough for a little one as well, this bench has a curving back that wraps around beautifully. The Chairs and Tables Craftsmen have a knack of making well made products that are rugged and yet retain a slender appearance that is quite deceptive. With smart well-padded green or blue shaped cushions that are weather proof one’s comfort is assured.

The Banana Teak Bench Deluxe is delivered fully assembled, so that all one has to do is unpack it and place it in its new location, this bench will look wonderful on a lawn, terrace, decking, or a balcony. For people with a little more space a pair of these benches would provide a delightful addition to your outdoor living space, with a small 50cm Folding Teak Table as accompaniment this would make a superb spot for a quiet chat with friends.

As on would expect the Chairs and Tables Teak Banana Bench is constructed using only Grade A plantation grown sustainable solid teakwood. The teak has been seasoned and shaped to perfection creating a lovely piece of furniture that will be the envy of your friends and family.

It is important when buying a bench to acquire the best quality that one can buy, after all it will stand out in all weathers. Solid teakwood is weather resistant by nature thanks to its high silica and rubber content, which is why teak is used in sailing boats that spend their lives in the water.

With careful construction and traditional carpentry methods the joints are tight and water resistant, using mortice and tenon joints strengthened with dowel inserts these products are designed to last, with some care and attention from time to time they will last a lifetime.

Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture is the gold standard in Luxury Teak Garden Furniture.

there’s not many better ways to sit and relax in the garden than with a teak bench!

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Life is always better when you spend it with a companion.

That's why a double dose of the Teak Banana Companion Seat with Cushions is the perfect gift for you and your dearest loved one. At 170 cm wide and 84 cm high these chairs can easily fit into your gorgeous garden area without looking unnatural or crammed. You can create a magical space where you and your dear [...]

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3 Ideal Locations for the Banana Teak Bench

In an age of disposable consumer goods, we at Chairs and Tables are honoured to offer the Banana Teak Bench - Deluxe. We source the wood from teak plantations on Java that Perum Perhutani, the Indonesian State-owned enterprise, manages. Replanting is part of Perum Perhutani's goal to conserve this beautiful hardwood. We maintain a similar dedication [...]

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