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​Offering unrivalled style and comfort, the Asmara Teak Garden Sofa is a piece of furniture that you will fall in love with the moment you sink into its welcoming embrace

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As outdoor furniture goes, not many are as comfortable as this stylish contemporary sofa, and we guarantee this will impress and delight all that sit in it.

The Asmara Sofa is a piece of furniture that will only enhance the beauty of your garden. It is the perfect addition for any outdoor seating area and will serve as a focal point of your garden – guests will flock to sit here and relax on those warm, sunny days!

Whether you plan to sit on your own and soak up the good weather or kick back with friends and family for a fun afternoon, the Asmara Sofa will provide the perfect spot outdoors to spend your free time.

The luxurious boxy design is eye-catching, with the natural wood effect pairing wonderfully with the vibrant cushions that are available in green or blue. This is an outdoor sofa that wouldn’t look out of place sitting by the pool in a five-star luxury resort, so just imagine how incredible it will look in your garden.

Also, the very shape of the chair is designed with comfort in mind. For instance, the backrest is extra-deep to make it ideal for lounging, while the thick seat cushions offer only increases the ability to relax in the sofa – don’t be surprised if you were to doze off while sitting here on a warm afternoon!

The cushion covers can be easily removed and washed as necessary, while the naturally water-resistant teak wood ensures that the sofa is safe to sit outside even if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Teak is also naturally strong and durable, while the natural colour of the timber never loses its lustre, so the Asmara sofa will as good as ever year after year.

This is a meticulously crafted garden sofa that will radiate style and sophistication in any space it is placed. Combined with other furniture such as the matching Asmara chairs or an outdoor table will only increase the aesthetics of your garden, creating an outdoor seating area that you will struggle to peel yourself from.

The Asmara Sofa is a wonderful piece of furniture that will make a fine addition to any garden space. Elegantly designed, built to last, and outrageously comfortable, there are no better ways to spend time outside than sitting in the comfort of this amazing sofa.