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Our children's Lutyens teak garden bench provides a place for little ones to dream

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Teak is a dense, strong hardwood that provides an ideal material for outdoor furniture. Its natural oils nurture and preserve the wood. 

Teak won't warp or weaken as a result of being exposed to the weather. Our teak furniture is all crafted from sustainable sourced teak in keeping with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Garden benches get the brunt of rain, snow, hail, wind, and hot and cold temperature extremes, but all of these things only serve to provide teak with that a rustic, weathered look that just keeps getting better with time. Our children's Lutyens teak garden bench provides a place for little ones to dream among the herbs, flowers, and trees. Ideal for afternoon storytelling or resting after a session of hard play, the bench is sure to be the foundation of many cherished childhood memories. It will also provide the children with a separate seating space if you don't care for sharing your contemplative time on your own bench with small, wiggling bodies.

The bench comes with your choice of green or blue cushions to complement the colours of nature. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at a time that is convenient for you to learn more about this bench as well as the rest of our beautiful teak garden furniture.