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​Relax With Friends in the Garden With the Turnworth Table Set

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Spring is in full swing and it won't be long before the summer will be upon you. With that being said, many are enjoying spending time outdoors and relaxing with their friends and family members. To do so, you need a quality piece of furniture that is going to accommodate everyone. That's where the fabulous Turnworth Round Ring Table Set with Banana Arm Chairs comes into play. The built-in Lazy Susan allows you to easily pass the condiments from one guest to another without having to struggle to reach over the table to one another.

You can choose from beautiful blue or glorious green cushions to accommodate your individual style and preference. The best part of all is that the cushions are waterproof and boast a whopping 6 cm. thick. If the sun is shining a little too brightly, you can insert your parasol in the centre of the table and help add a touch of shade to your day outside. Because of the intricate design of the table, the rain will flow off the surface of the table with ease.

Not only is this set built to last, but it is visually appealing as well. It is one of the premier sets for outdoor use. Hosting a gathering with all of your friends and family will be a blast now that you have a place for everyone to sit down and relax. With eight banana arm chairs and an oversized table, you won't have to fight over a place to dine outdoors under the warm sun. Accessorise your garden with this unique table and chair combination for a one-of-a-kind look. The sustainable sourced teak was built to last, so you know you are investing in a quality piece of furniture.