Turnworth 180cm Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs

The Turnworth Teak Round Table and Chairs garden dining set is made with 100% A grade Sustainable Teak. One of the sturdiest high quality woods, teak is extremely durable and water resistant. It is the perfect wood to use in outdoor furniture because it withstands most weather condition. Teak is a lightwood that has a beautiful finish.

You will love having a garden get-to-gether with your new Turnworth 180cm Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs. The table comes complete with eight chairs (also made of teak) and sits eight comfortably. C & T will even provide the chair cushions so you will be extra comfy. You won’t want to eat inside once you experience this garden set.


Imagine having a garden party and sitting around this fresh looking table and sitting in the comfortable chairs of your choice. The Turnworth 180cm Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs also has a unique 100cm lazy susan turntable in the centre so it is easy for your guest to reach what they want from the trays. This table and chairs brings a sense of completion to your lovely patio and you will enjoy many happy moments sitting around this table, whether you are eating or playing cards, or whatever else you enjoy doing. This really is where outdoor dining meets indoor style.

If you order your special table and chairs set today, you are saving at least 10% by purchasing a garden furniture set versus buying each component separately.